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What ever your hair care needs might be, flat-tops to fades, regular cuts to full styles, we will handle it with expertise.

First of all, thank you to all of our veterans, for your service. We mean that sincerely. We’d also like to thank law enforcement officers and firefighters.

Even if you don’t need a haircut, please stop by to visit us and see our honor wall of veteran pictures. We have photos of customers, their friends and family members, dated all the way back to the Spanish American war. We are proud to display them.

The Barber Shop/A Barber Shop used to be Sunshine Barber Shop.

This old style shop has been at this location since 1957. We run a Mom and Pop business…WE are Dennis and Sharon Holmes, owner/operators, and are proud to say we have had The Barber Shop since 1999. We are master barbers with a total of almost 60 years collective experience.

We try to keep a relaxed atmosphere that makes you feel at home and we always have a good time at The Barber Shop.  You never know when we’ll do a little pickin’ and grinnin’.  As retired road musicians, we always have a guitar around. Some of our customers even bring their instruments and join in. We’d love for you to join us, too.  


Pictures provided by Ozarksfirst.com (KOLR 10). See the full article by Dave Oliver at Barbershop Bop.

Sharon, customer, Corey Reeves and Dennis.